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server & storage solutions

 TSI World can provide a range of servers and storage systems that can be customised so the technology perfectly matches the needs of the school. TSI will firstly evaluate the current state of the server technology and will make recommendations including if discs, power supplies, network cards etc can just be replaced to improve performance, negating the need to purchase a complete new system. Like desktop user equipment TSI can source both new and refurbished equipment. Refurbished server equipment is always fully tested and evaluated to ensure integrity of performance and will come with warranty or extended warranty cover. Purchasing this can save considerable costs.


TSI works with leading hardware server and storage brands including HP, Dell, NetApp and Fujitsu. In addition TSI can also help organisations with other hardware types such as UPS devices and firewall technology

our server & Storage service includes
requirements consultation
procurement of equipment
configuration & implementation
upload of data
support service
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