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CloudVault™ – online backup service

With so much work by both staff and students kept on devices and school networks TSI World have created CloudVault™ an online back-up service to ensure that all your school data is safely backed up. With data backup increasingly important for all school’s, CloudVault™ offers an automated, reliable and real-time cloud-based backup solution at an exceptional rate.

CloudVault™ automates 99% of the process allowing for regular, secure backing-up of important education data without hassle or the need for on-site technical expertise. Easily set up, no working port is required for CloudVault because it`s all actioned over https.

Setting up is also simple, all we need to know is what the school requires to be backed up. The service includes as standard two agents which are typically used for File Server storage (curriculum data) and the second agent for SIMS (SQL Server). There is no additional cost for restoring data and in terms of how long it takes, this is completely dependent on the amount of data and the school’s internet connection speed because the data is being restored from the Amazon Cloud.

The latest version 3 release of CloudVault™ is EU data protection ready and therefore fully GDPR compliant, incorporating full AES 256 encryption. All data transferred is broken up into file ‘parts’ and renamed with unrecognizable names, thus making your data as secure as possible. We understand that security of your data is vital and this is why we have taken these steps to upgrade your service in line with the updated legislation.

Organisations with multiple sites also benefit from CloudVault™ as it boosts operational efficiency by reducing the number of backup deployments (such as tape drives or removable media) to maintain, and also by providing central visibility of backup success and/ or failures. CloudVault™ will back up from all locations to UK data centres reducing time, risk and cost.


CLOUDvault summary

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fully automated – set and forget
  • No hardware to pay for or to go wrong
  • 24 hour case logging system
  • All data is encrypted before it leaves the school
  • 24 hour case logging system
  • All data is stored in its encrypted state
  • Data is only decrypted upon restore to original school.
our back-up service includes
requirements consultation
configuration & implementation
continuous monitoring
support service
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