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safeguarding & security

TSI World is fully committed to the safeguarding and security to all of its schools, staff and pupils. 

We have developed a range of products and services that enable our schools to fulfil its safeguarding and security requirements. 

Tannoy System / Lockdown Alerts – The DfE and Ofsted both encourage all educational institutions to have a lockdown procedure. TSI World`s phone solution has a lock down alert system

where a tannoy alert can be sent to all phones to warn of a security issue.

e-Safety Web Filtering – CloudSafe™ from TSI World is an Ofsted Compliant web filtering service built on Netsweeper technology creating a safer learning environment. CloudSafe™ offers schools the web filtering tools that you need to provide protection for both staff and students whether they be in school or at home on a school owned device. The system interacts with your local User Database (Active Directory) and can provide control at the user or group level. Web filtering and page blocking is completely customisable to the level that you need whilst the block lists are updated automatically from central pools of banned sites. Full reporting of user activity is available by default. TSI World and Netsweeper, together, have your e-safety, child safe-guarding and PREVENT requirements at the heart of the CloudSafe™ solution.

As an example CloudSafe can display an anti-bullying message, providing the pupil with a link to a Government approved anti-bullying website. Within our support agreement for CloudSafe™, we take responsibility for your filtering and the associated e-safety / PREVENT requirements. Effectively, we can become part of your safe-guarding team.

SchoolDesktop™ CloudWatch™

TSI CloudWatch™ is a high grade video surveillance system based on the innovative and secure Ubiquiti/Unify technology which offers powerful remote viewing software.  It is designed to keep your school, staff and students safe and secure and we can provide you with a security CCTV review to assess vulnerabilities to determine where your school needs protection and surveillance. 

We provide indoor and outside cameras from highly visible to more discrete systems.  They include speakers and built in microphones and all cameras have infra-red LED’s so are able to fully cover day and night time surveillance.  The cameras are designed for use with the Unifi Protect surveillance management system.  Designed for convenient monitoring and complete management of the camera surveillance system, the Unifi Protect Controller allows you to set up, configure and monitor your cameras.  This is incredibly intuitive and loaded with powerful features such as statistical reporting, multiple live view options, versatile camera settings, advanced analytics and customisable event recordings. 

Inventory Systems

To make sure that your school is keeping its site safe TSI can offer a number of options for trusted staff access and visitor management systems designed specifically for schools. Our MIS compatible touch screen systems allow to accurately monitor who is in your school at any one time, with all information securely encrypted to a central database. With optional modules to allow the creation of staff ID badges with barcodes to speed up the sign-in and out process to a synchronised iPad/iPhone App for external registration in the event of a fire, TSI can offer a comprehensive and cohesive approach to safeguarding your school as well as offering a professional “front of house” first engagement with the school.

Systems Features include

  • Touch Screen Monitor with Integrated Webcam
  • Reception Console
  • Full Installation Service and Ongoing Support
  • Staff and Regular Visitors ID Cards • Time and Attendance records
  • Employee notification of visitors
our safeguarding & security service includes
requirements consultation
procurement of equipment
configuration & implementation
support service
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