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During the pandemic, there has been an increased move to and reliance on Cloud Services. This is true both in Business and increasingly in Education. Most schools have been using Cloud Hosted email (such as Microsoft 365) for some time but are now becoming familiar with the use of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive (or Google equivalents). Some Schools have begun to migrate the data storage (user home drives, shared drives etc.) to SharePoint / OneDrive for example.

One of the standard school ICT required systems that continues to remain on site and therefore requiring a physical server is the MIS database (e.g. SIMS/FMS). Whilst it is possible to move to a cloud based MIS (e.g. Bromcom), schools are often hampered by LA controls / requirements and also the size of the challenge in moving to a new MIS.

TSI World has developed, and deployed, MiSAAS to allow physical MIS systems (in particular SIMS/FMS) to be moved to the cloud allowing the school to become fully cloud hosted and to remove the requirement for a physical server on site at the school.

Having cloud hosted solutions removes the infrastructure investment requirements and increases budget efficiency for essential education IT needs.

Moving systems and services to the cloud has the potential to make services more useful and engaging, it can break down barriers you encounter with older systems, such as remote access, should lead to cost saving and can be more secure from a security aspect, whilst future proofing your school systems.

MiSAAS benefits for schools – Economy – saving money

Moving fully to the cloud by utililising MiSAAS as the final piece of the “cloud jigsaw’ reduces costs by:

– moving to predictable annual subscriptions

– reductions in capital refresh costs – eg, reducing the need to replace old servers

– negating the need to replace ‘cloud only’ devices as often, and it may extend the lifespan of older devices

– saving money on the energy required to run and cool on-site servers

Efficiency – saving teachers’ time

MiSAAS increases the efficiency and delivers the  flexibility of the cloud services already in place by:

– giving staff the flexibility to access all school  services (now including MIS) from wherever they  are, using the devices that are most convenient for them

– reduce the time it takes to access data and applications anywhere, due to faster log in times

We have the experience and expertise to create the perfect solution for your MIS. Our dedicated MIS server hosting, is designed to provide you with optimal performance at a very affordable cost.

This service also includes constant monitoring and support so that your servers are always working to their maximum potential.

Moving your MIS to the cloud means easy data backup and recovery. Since your school information and resources are kept in the cloud, you are guaranteed to get access to them even if your laptop, smartphone, or tablet malfunctions. Safety of your data and information is vital and MiSAAS is focused on ensuring your data is safe, secure and available. Hosting you MIS with MiSAAS is fully secure and governed by user permissions as it would be if hosted locally on a physical server. There is an added advantage that the data centre hosting your MIS is also ISO270001 security compliant giving you piece of mind that the best possible protection is in place.

All MiSAAS implementations use the latest technologies to present you with your MIS application which means it is available from any Desktop, Laptop (including Chromebook), Tablet or Smartphone. As another advantage, specifically related to ESS products (such as SIMS .net and SIMS FMS), there is no requirement to utilise the Solus3 deployment engine for quarterly updates and intermittent patches; you are guaranteed to have the  latest version each time you login.

our MISAAS service includes
requirements consultation
Review of current onsite setup of physical MIS systems (in particular SIMS/FMS)
configuration & implementation of Cloud MIS solution
switch off of physical set up
support service
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