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High quality, faster broadband is a MUST in education to help deliver solutions that help schools excel in what they do best – delivering teaching and learning. It is also key that this internet connectivity MUST be safe and secure, both for children going out to the Internet but also stopping those ‘unwanted’ accesses coming in.

TSI World has working with local, national and international providers put together the best possible connectivity with the safest possible firewalls and web filters to bring you the CloudConnect™ and CloudSafe™ offers to give your school a REAL ALTERNATIVE solution.

TSI World have partnered with BTL – a local Bracknell based telecommunications provider – and together we are giving schools access to better and faster broadband lines where the actual line speeds achieved are actually those that are advertised! With this line provision, TSI World will provide a configured Firewall to protect your network. This part of CloudConnect™ is critical to the safety of your internet provision. We only supply firewalls from the industry leading manufacturer, WatchGuard, which are well proven in a safe and secure protection in schools.

Web Filtering is key to child safety, e-safety and safeguarding in general. TSI World have been partnered with the industry leading web filtering provider, Netsweeper for over 5 years. TSI are committed to Protect – Monitor – Prevent to safeguard our children to ensure that they have the safest possible internet experience. Web Filtering has gone beyond just ‘blocking pages’ and CloudSafe™ now enables monitoring and provides alerts on critical child safety issues such as mental health, self-harm, and radicalisation.

CloudSafe™ is capable of filtering different kinds of devices and operating systems as well as handling SSL decryption and will provide detailed filtering reports. CloudSafe™ meets all Government and Ofsted requirements. CloudSafe™ web filtering (with Netsweeper) creates a safer learning environment with built in Ofsted Compliance. CloudSafe™ quick reports along with alerts and automated emails to all stakeholders fully complies with the OFSTED reporting practices of schools. CloudSafe™ incorporates Netsweeper’s patented Deny Page Messaging, which means that targeted messages can be sent to pupils reminding them of key policies. Links can be placed on these messaging pages directing pupils and teachers to educational web landing pages that outline additional information. For example, CloudSafe™ can display an anti-bullying message, providing the pupil with a link to a Government approved anti-bullying website.  CloudSafe™ utilises Netsweeper reporting which is 100% OFSTED compliant, complete with quick OFSTED reports and a patented report wizard that can generate and automatically email reports necessary for additional OFSTED requirement.

our FILTERING service includes
requirements consultation
Line provision and connectivity setup
procurement and set up of firewall equipment
configuration & implementation of filtering service
support service
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