SchoolDesktop™ CloudWatch™

SchoolDeskTop™ CloudWatch™ is a scalable enterprise-grade video surveillance system based on Ubiquiti/Unify technology which offers powerful remote viewing software.

The Cameras

There are 3 different cameras types in the range including weatherproof versions for outside use and deliver 1080p at 30 FP. There is a dome-style camera which is indoor use only but is lower profile and can be mounted either on a wall or on a ceiling. There is also a micro version which is a smaller, more discrete form factor and includes a speaker. All of the cameras have infra-red LEDs with automatic cut-over, and built-in microphones.

The cameras are designed for use with the UniFi Protect surveillance management system. The cameras offers 4K Ultra HD resolution for day or night use and integrates with the UniFi Protect software for powerful and flexible IP video management. Cameras have infrared LEDs with an automatic IR cut filter for day and night surveillance.

UniFi Protect Overview

Designed for convenient monitoring and complete management of the camera surveillance system, the UniFi Protect Controller allows you to set up, configure, and monitor UniFi cameras using a graphical user interface. It features an Easy Setup Using a standard web browser or Bluetooth from a mobile device. The UniFi Protect interface is incredibly intuitive and loaded with powerful features such as statistical reporting, multiple live view options, versatile camera settings, advanced analytics, and customizable event recordings.

Video is stored locally, either using a computer you already have and their software, or with the NVR – Network Video Recorder – essentially a dedicated computer with their software pre-installed. The NVR box can handle up to 50 cameras simultaneously, and comes with a 2TB hard drive for storage.

Setup is simple – as soon as the cameras are plugged into the network they appear and once ‘adopted’ they can be used and adjusted. There are numerous settings to control brightness, contrast, sharpness, orientation, and so on.

This is also where you can set alerts, either via email or via push notification with the mobile app. You can receive alerts when cameras are disconnected or on motion.

Another key feature of the system is Motion Configuration. For each camera, you can define a motion zone and sensitivity. You can test these settings in real-time by seeing a chart of motion and when the trigger threshold is reached. This means you can really fine-tune the zones to reduce false positives.

Footage from the cameras is accessible from the UniFi software by searching either by camera type or date/time, and can be downloaded as MP4 files.

They can also be accessed via the mobile app. By using the UniFi Video Cloud – which there is no charge for – a secure link is made from the Video software running on your network to wherever you are in the world, enabling you to view and manage your cameras remotely