Stott and May Infrastructure Project

CASE STUDY – A YourDesktop™ Implementation
CLIENT: Stott and May Professional Search Ltd
TYPE: Partner / CCS Media Ltd.
PROJECT: Core Infrastructure Implementation with ongoing ICT Support
SIZE: 0-100 persons
FILES: Download Case Study

Stott and May Professional Search Ltd approached CCS Media, a Partner of TSI World Ltd, to design and implement a corporate network infrastructure from the ground up to provide global site-to-site communications, user administration and data storage alongside Remote Access for staff and high-level (3rd Line) IT Support Contract for the IT Department. Naturally, CCS Media approached their Technology Partner, TSI World Ltd.

The Requirements

Bradley Tough, the IT Manager at Stott and May, was very specific in his requirements and the requirements of the Companies Directors. The end result had to provide transparent network communications between three office sites in the United Kingdom and an office in New York City, United States. To accompany the network communication, there had to be local storage for each office and a global file repository accessible company wide. Whilst the organisation had vast amounts of data shared in a cloud solution, there was no central User Authentication/provisioning nor dedicated Application servers; The provision of this was also to be included in the scope of works. There was little to no infrastructure in place at the existing point in time so a ‘free-reign’ was able to be had on the design.

The Design & Solution

CCS Media presented two alternate infrastructure designs to Bradley and the Board of Directors. Both designs were able to deliver on all of the suggested requirements.

The first design focussed on centralised storage, housed at the London Office, and utilised TSI World’s YourDesktop™ RemoteDesk™ offering. This design provided central administration and service management of all services provided by the IT Department to the entire User Estate of Stott and May, both home and abroad.

The second design presented represented the typical client and server based technology with a local server at each office location providing services via a Virtual Infrastructure and dual servers at the organisations head office providing redundancy and data sharing facilities.

Both options would utilise Site-to-Site VPN tunnels created by ‘State of the Art’ Cisco firewalls and the server infrastructure would run within a Microsoft Hyper-V platform. All hardware to be used was specified as Dell PowerEdge Servers and would come with OnSite 4x4x365 support from Dell themselves.

After several design revisions, the second option was agreed upon as the best solution for Stott and May globally. Additional Hard Drive capacity and Server RAM was added to the specification and to enable future proofing. Additional UPS devices from APC were added into the final solution as the existing ones in use would not support the loads required by the new hardware. Order placed!

As a company, we had been let down in the past via many different IT Contracts and we were sceptical about how well the working relationship with TSI World Ltd. and CCS Media Ltd. would pan out. Since the implementation of the new system, and infact pre-implementation and during the implementation, the engineers at TSI World and the Account Management Team at CCS Media have been brilliant. Everything went smoothly during all stages of the project and we now have a brilliant working relationship with all parties involved.

Bradley Tough, IT Manager, Stott and May Professional Search Ltd.

The Infrastructure Implementation

After the agreement on the solution design, the team at TSI met with Bradley to undergo the detailed project design steps. The relevant Active Directory settings, IP Schemas, required Virtual Servers were agreed upon and the existing relevant details that were in production use at the Stott and May offices were handed to TSI World.

The previously ordered hardware was shipped to TSI Worlds staging facility in Bracknell (Berkshire), where all systems were initially built and thoroughly ‘stress tested’ for a long period of time to ensure there were no hardware, software or configuration errors. The staging facility had the ability to create a real-life mock-up of Stott and Mays internet providers; this enabled the TSI Engineers to configure the Site-to-Site tunnels between the Cisco Firewalls and ensure all network communications were successful.

Once the installation, configuration and testing had been completed (the ‘virtual’ infrastructure), all hardware components were shipped to site (including the New York Office). TSI World’s Solutions Architect, Nick Higham-Hook was on hand at the first installation in London, out of hours on a Sunday afternoon, to provide training to the IT Manager on the final configuration and installation of the new solution. Nick and the Managed Service team then provided support to Bradley directly as he installed the remaining three sites and ensured communication was established between both the Windows Servers and the Cisco Firewalls.

Post-Installation Operations

As part of the original tender, Stott and May Professional Search Ltd. required the Project Implementer to provide an IT Support contract that catered for High-level and/or 3rd line support queries to assist the IT Manager and the IT Department in the running and maintenance of the new solution and the other IT Functions within the business. TSI world supplied a tailor-made solution based on the YourDesktop™ IT Support offering.

To the people within the IT Department, this has been an invaluable resource; Knowing that the level of expertise that TSI World can offer, sometimes at the drop of a hat, alongside their flexibility working with different time zones, has given Bradley and his team the chance to sleep well at night.