Projects & Implementations


From time to time, whether you have an IT department or not, you will come across the need to run a ‘Short-Term’ project. Whether it be to oversee a Wireless System Implementation from start to finish whilst also conducting a site survey and installing the access points to implementing a complete hardware (Server & Desktop) refresh over longer period, TSI World has the expertise and resources to help you.


Your environment may benefit from our Project & Implementation services in the following circumstances:

  • To fulfil a specific project requirement
  • To supplement existing resources during seasonal or peak periods
  • To backfill existing resource during periods of extended leave or sickness

Our Approach

We have a range of resources available with a wide breadth of skills from Cisco engineers to experienced desk-side support engineers. Resources are typically provided on a Time & Material basis at an agreed day rate with discounts applied for longer term scheduled engagements.

The Benefits

Our flexible resourcing allows your business to benefit by providing a greater degree of flexibility when addressing resourcing demands. We deliver appropriately skilled resources to:

  • Deliver projects on time
  • Meet temporary business requirements by supporting existing staff
  • Meet longer term business requirements by expanding existing teams