Process Expert Professional

Process Expert® Professional (PEP) enables an organisation to represent their business processes and share business-critical information across the web, as well as looking to the future by investigating how these processes can be improved which will save you time and money.

Process Expert® Professional’s unique multi-level mapping tool helps you to quickly portray end-to-end processes, thereby facilitating better process management as well as helping you gain or comply with standards and regulations.

Why use PEP?

Process Expert Professional is easy to use, easy to update and adaptable to any business, providing clear and concise processes while maintaining a good overview of detail.

Start the software, add in your data, such as costs and durations,  attach reference documents and PEP will analyse the relevant data for you and investigate ‘what if’ scenarios. This can then be shared over the web or company network in a navigable form to help staff understand their roles and responsibilities.

PEP can help you gain or comply with standards and provide you with full control over security, reporting and versions.


PEP provides benefits to your business and staff, these include:

  • Good Value for Money

  • Reduced Operational Costs

  • Less starter training costs and time

  • Increased Productivity

  • Reduction of Error Rates

  • Better Internal Communication

  • Defines Roles and Responsibilities

  • Raised staff motivation

  • Quickly sharing changes in processes

  • Time Saving

Free Trial – Get PEP today

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