SchoolDesktop™ EdSmart™

SchoolDesktop™ EdSmart™

TSI World operate in partnership with  to deliver a high quality School Organisation System (SOS). An SOS redefines the organisational structure of your information, opening your school to new, progressive methods for managing workflows, engagement and culture. EdSmart helps schools run smarter through digital forms and workflow processes for Parents, Staff, Students and Alumni.

If your school is heavily dependent on paper processes, internally and externally and you want to streamline and enhance daily school administration and relationship management for everyone – staff, students and parents then SchoolDesktop™ EdSmart™ is exactly what is required.

Edsmart™ is an integrated set of modules incorporating broadcasts, online forms, workflows and notifications which allows your school to send any form to anyone, and collect response whilst safeguarding sensitive data. You can design as many forms as you wish and invoke approval workflows to ensure no steps in the process are missed. You can automate reminders, approval prompts and reports to aid efficiency. In addition, you have access to real time tracking and management of all the forms in process at any given time.

TSI World have worked with EdSmart (Australia) to ensure that the system locally in the UK meets all local requirements, most specifically the GDPR.  As a consequence, all UK customers of EdSmart™ are now Cloud Hosted in the UK on Microsoft Azure platform.

EdSmart comes in two editions; EdSmart Lite and EdSmart Transform

EdSmart Lite has the following functionality:

  • Broadcast Module
  • Parent Slips Module
  • Parent Teacher Module

EdSmart Transform has the following functionality:

Broadcast Module

  • Parent Slips Module
  • Parent Teacher Module
  • Student Slips Module
  • Absentee Slips Module
  • Activity Care Module
  • Reporting and Analytics Module
  • Administration and Enrolment Slips Module

Parent Initiated Forms

Parents can start a form that comes into the school. You can post link to form in a public area. Includes routed workflows for approvals, editing, updating, data, entry, task prompts

Automatic reminders/prompts to staff

Automatic response notifications to parent.

An example of a fully integrated workflow using multiple modules and forms: