SchoolDesktop™ ThreatProtection™

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The SchoolDesktop™ ThreatProtection™ with the Webroot BrightCloud at the core is the latest in antivirus anti malware and anti ransomware technology. 

Known issues with the traditional definition based ThreatProtection™ solutions are:

  • Software installation acts as a standalone system and therefore not centrally managed
  • No central repository locally – all updates to program and virus definitions are downloaded to each system
  • No central reporting of threats – all detected items will only be flagged up on the local machine – easily dismissed by staff/pupils
  • Locally installed agent (the engine on each computer) is bulky and processor/ram heavy – on aging machines, this can cause performance issues.
  • The agents only protect against what they know – any new threats that are created after the last definition update will not get detected.

SchoolDesktop™ ThreatProtection™ ‘scores’ against the traditional definition based solutions in many ways:

  • Our ThreatProtection™ is cloud managed – Hosted on the Amazon Web Service (AWS) access to configure and maintain the agents is controlled from the cloud.
  • The installed Agent is extremely ‘Lightweight’ – with a very tiny foot print once installed, the processing and memory usage is minimal.  This allows even the oldest of machines to run the latest anti-virus without any issues.
  • Virus Definitions – These are in the BrightCloud.  The agent works by looking at the ‘DNA and makeup characteristics’ of each file upon access and cross references the central database in the cloud; it it’s flagged up as being “dirty”, you aren’t allowed to access the file.  With this method, every agent installed as the knowledge and learning ability of every other computer utilising Webroot BrightCloud across the world. If an item is found, it is flagged and then within a matter of seconds its updated to the cloud and every other agent knows about it.  This we call the ‘hive’.
  • Our ThreatProtection™ solution is also very competent in RansomWare (such as the Crypto Virus), and wins further in that it meets the soon to be applicable General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR).

Once purchased we can deploy without delay as there is no need to remove old antivirus solutions before installation.

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