VDI – SchoolDesktop™ RemoteDesk™

SchoolDesktop™ RemoteDesk™

RemoteApps VDI

SchoolDesktop™ RemoteDesk™ brings significant enhancements to deploying and managing a VDI environment and improving user experience with remote desktops and apps.

Secured access through the remote desktop, similar to VDI

With a variety of device platforms connecting to the modern IT infrastructure, data security and compliance are key concerns. SchoolDesktop™ RemoteDesk™ provides more secure application delivery because applications are not sent to, or stored on, user devices. Instead, they are centralised in the datacentre or in the cloud, and users access them through the remote desktop.

Rich user experience

SchoolDesktop™ RemoteDesk™ provides a Windows experience that supports multiple other operating systems including iOS, Mac OS X, and Android, in addition to Windows itself. This experience is further enhanced by using remote access technology which supports wide-area network connections, software graphics processing, USB devices, and much more.

Simplified management

The VDI architecture is now managed from a single, integrated console. We now automate deployment and configuration of server roles, manage personal and pooled virtual desktops, and use session shadowing to view and remotely control active user sessions.

Enhanced storage capabilities

We have increased efficiency of the entire solution with storage tiering, disk deduplication, dynamic distribution of resources (bandwidth, CPU, and disk use), and flexible storage options supporting direct-attached, network-attached, or storage-area network storage of virtual machines.

We can also bring enhanced and consistent user personalisation.