SchoolDesktop™ Core ICT Projects

SchoolDesktop™ Core ICT Projects

ICT Support for Education

In the world of shrinking budgets, greater reliance on core ICT, and the expansion of the Computing Curriculum, there has never been are more important time to focus on ‘making I.T. work’

TSI World specialise in core I.T. delivery and projects to education.  Simply put, we do not just recommend the purchase of new equipment to maximise revenues but, rather, making use of what a school already has, making it work, then making it fit for purpose and driving service excellence, all within the most challenging budgets is just what we do, day in, day out.

Maximising the life and use of existing equipment is vital for budget management but also to free up funds for the additional classroom needs to deliver the Computing Curriculum.
Being able to ‘make I.T. work’ is the key delivery ethos of TSI World. Thinking out of the box to extend the life of existing equipment and , where replacement or additional hardware is absolutely necessary, leaning upon our excellent strategic partnerships (such as CCS Media) to bring the best possible value and price to the purchase.
For example, 30 replacement laptops with a trolley will likely cost around £15,000 with an average specification with a one year warranty.  We can point to multiple purchases through our partners where we are able to supply top of the range, 1 year old laptops, fully refurbished, with lifetime warranties for under £9,000.

A server refresh project can cost anywhere between £7,000 and £15,000 in a primary school.  At TSI we can point to customers and projects where we have removed the need for this refresh by spending less than £1,000 on changing some ‘bits and pieces’ in the server to give it a further 3 years of life.  We have also removed the server(s) completely and delivered a CloudServe™ solution to remove the refresh costs forever.  The cost of the hosting and support was easily justified by the ongoing refresh and electricity cost savings.

There is a massive need for this kind of ICT support with almost no one willing to fulfill the need within the budget. At TSI we work to understand your budget constraints, to deliver working I.T. and to remove ongoing standard refresh costs