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CloudServe Hosting

CloudServe™ is a dedicated server and storage hosting service for schools.  Working with our datacentre partners we are able to provide the top level of datacentre security available.

Our primary datacentre is a 50,000 square foot facility located in the heart of the Thames Valley, near to the Green Park technology area. Our phase 1 build has 10,400 square foot split over 2 data halls.  From our primary datacentre, all data is replicated to two further datacentres in London.

Our datacentre is fully staffed and support 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Our 24/7 support team will provide our School-based engineers with all the assistance they need for any issues with any CloudServe™ hosting deployments.

We built our new server platform from the ground up for high performance and availability, utilising Dell & Cisco hardware for complete peace of mind. This allows us to deliver a bespoke hosting service.

Hosting from the ground up

Select the resources you need when configuring your cloud server. Grow as you go from your control panel and see the new specification immediately.

Remote access services can be delivered through our SchoolDesktop™ RemoteDesk™ technology making your cloud hosted servers even more secure.

We only host our cloud services on hardware produced by major world brands. The combination of Dell hardware and Cisco network technologies, offers the best possible platform to provide virtualisation services with high performance, optimal availability and low failure rates.

Our high-speed servers respond to all types of needs and reliability demands over time, and pay special attention to energy consumption and environmental impact.

We have selected the best storage units on the market to host your data. The drives on the CloudServe™ are hosted on two NAS NetApp series FAS6200, using Flash Pool technology that automates storage tiering between SSD and SAS disks: this ensures data security thanks to RAID-DP functionality, with constant availability at maximum possible speeds.