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CloudSafe™ offers your school the web filtering tools that you need to provide protection for both staff and students whether they be in school or at home on a school owned device.  The beautiful nature of CloudSafe™ allows staff and students to be safe whilst using email and the internet as usual.

The Filtering that gives you control

Utilising the Netsweeper web filtering product set and management console, TSI World CloudSafe™ engineers can install the filtering service either as an appliance within your schools server infrastructure or you can utilise the SchoolDesktop™ CloudServe™ Datacentre to remote host the filtering solution. Both systems interact with your local Active Directory and can provide granular control at the user or group level.  Web filtering and page blocking is completely customisable to the level that you need whilst the at the same time, the block lists are updated automatically from central pools of banned sites.  Full reporting of user activity is available by default. Netsweeper have your e-safety, child safe guarding and PREVENT requirements are the heart of the solution.

CloudSafe™ comes with support and filtering management options as part of the ‘after installation’ service.  TSI World can offer CloudSafe™ support agreements to ensure that you are covered in the event of any filtering problems.  In this scenario, the management of the filtering block list and filtering change requests remains with the school.

More popular, is the CloudSafe™ filtering management service. In this case, TSI World take complete responsibility for your filtering.  We will supply the Netsweeper filtering system at the core of the solution, but further we will manage and respond to all your filtering changes and requests.  With Netsweeper, we take responsibility for your filtering and the associated e-safety / PREVENT requirements.  Effectively we can become part of your safe guarding team.

A bit more detail

With the Netsweeper under pinning the CloudSafe™ service, a series of automatic alerts / emails and reporting are set up to ensure full compliance with the reporting practices of schools as required by Ofsted. Our CloudSafe™ engineer works with each school to define the report types and frequencies and these are then automatically delivered the key defined staff members you identify. These reports can be segregated into school, year group, class or other defined groups.  This means that specific staff can see reporting information they need without wading through mountains of data.

At TSI World we also believe strongly in the ongoing education and enforcement of key policies with students in an educational setting. Utilising Netsweeper’s unique and industry leading “Deny Page Messaging”, CloudSafe™ is able to reinforce messages to students in line with the school policies on acceptable internet usage, bullying, PREVENT and more. We can even insert web links on these messaging pages directing pupils and teachers to educational web content that outline additional related information. For example, CloudSafe™ can display an anti-bullying message, providing the pupil with a link to a Government approved anti-bullying website.

All CloudSafe™ customers have access, via TSI World, to Netsweeper’s online knowledge base and training videos. Schools and all departments within them can utilise these as training and teaching materials. This enables students (and staff) can learn about how to take their online time and behaviour very seriously. Also this enables staff to demonstrate to students the serious nature of unacceptable use including inappropriate use of web forums and cyber bullying amongst many other aspects of the dangers surrounding the internet.

CloudSafe™ utilises Netsweeper’s 72 categories of filtering to initially protect student whilst they are on the internet. This is refined to down to individual pages or even pictures on individual sites as the technology learns how the school wishes to operate. TSI World will create learning strategies with your school to consistently educate pupils, and to help cultivate consistent behaviour when using the internet across the school or multiple schools.

With the combined experience of TSI Engineers (many of whom have worked in educational ICT for 15 years or more) and the 14 years of UK and World filtering provision in an educational setting from Netsweeper, the CloudSafe™ platform is the most compliant and sure to deliver.

The Ofsted bit

CloudSafe™ (underpinned by Netsweeper’s category filtering) completely complies with the ‘blocking inappropriate content’ requirements of a school. Further, the web threat management security categories, identity theft prevention is addressed by not allowing a pupil or teacher to download a site that has a virus/malware associated with it. The deny pages can be linked to Government approved content, such as cyber bullying educational messages containing links to approved anti-bullying content and educational website. We can define reports and / or charts to measure how and when these messages are received. We can send such reports to safeguarding officers regularly (as often as weekly if required) to show complete OFSTED compliance. CloudSafe™ reporting through Netsweeper is 100% OFTSED compliant.