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For a number of years schools have been taking advantage of AV technology and in particular, interactive technologies in the classroom through Whiteboards and Projectors.  The latest iteration of this technology is now large interactive screens hung on the teaching wall. TSI World is a registered SMART partner and installer and is capable of installing these latest technologies.

These screens range in size and price and fall foul of the ‘age old’ problem.  The interactivity is ‘on the wall’.  The teacher often has to face the wall to use them successfully.  If the students are asked to the them, they have to ‘go to’ the technology, rather than the technology coming to them.  The there is the problem of which software (SMART, Promethean and a multitude of others) to use.

The ‘bright sparks’ at TSI set about looking at these issues and developing different type of interactive AV solution to better meet the needs of the modern classroom and the shrinking budget. We have a range of AV solutions that move the interactivity from the wall into the teachers hands and then onto a student’s desk if required

Our AV solutions come with non interactive screens, brand new teacher i5 or i7 devices with built in interactivity. The entire solution works wirelessly both the connection to the screen but also the local network.

This is a very different solution to the traditional implementation. Please drop us a line for more information or a demonstration.