Education – SchoolDesktop™

TSI World’s SchoolDesktop™ product suite is a collection of ICT services designed especially for education. They are designed to be cost effective, intuitive, safe and secure. Why? Because we are an experienced and dedicated educational ICT provider.  Contact us today to find out how we can help support your teachers and students and also help you to get the most out of your ICT!

SchoolDesktop™ ICT Support for Education SchoolDesktop™ ICT Support (read more)
TSI Worlds support services deliver a level of support that gives each school a bespoke level of service and commitment.
SchoolDesktop™ CloudConnect™ for Education SchoolDesktop™ CloudConnect™ (read more)
One look, one feel, one experience. That is what is brought by TSI Worlds CloudConnect™.
SchoolDesktop™ CloudSafe™ for Education SchoolDesktop™ CloudSafe™ (read more)
Web based email and web filtering, it removes the traditional reliance on local authority or learning grid. CloudSafe™ gives control of filtering settings to the school.
SchoolDesktop™ Cloud Asset™ (read more)
SchoolDesktop™ CloudVault™ SchoolDesktop™ CloudVault™ (read more)
An online backup service delievered by TSI World Ltd. With data back up becoming increasingly important in schools and financial restraints on ICT services. CloudVault™ offers an automated, reliable, and real-time cloud-based backup solution at an exceptional, preferential rate.
SchoolDesktop™ RemoteDesk™ for Education SchoolDesktop™ RemoteDesk™ (read more)
SchoolDesktop RemoteDesk™ brings significant enhancements to deploying and managing a VDI environment and improving user experience with remote desktops and apps.
SchoolDesktop™ ClassroomAV™ for Education SchoolDesktop™ ClassroomAV™ (read more)
From single projector installation right through to major AV projects, we offer project managment provision, electrical works, full waste disposal management and comprehensive testing etc for larger projects.
SchoolDesktop™ EdSmart™ (read more)
TSI World operate in partnership with  to deliver a high quality School Organisation System (SOS). EdSmart helps schools run smarter through digital forms and workflow processes for Parents, Staff, Students and Alumni.
SchoolDesktop™ CloudWatch™ (read more) SchoolDeskTop CloudWatch is a scalable enterprise-grade video surveillance system based on Ubiquiti/Unify technology which offers powerful remote viewing software.
SchoolDesktop™ Projects™ (read More) TSI World has vast experience in the delivery and successful execution of IT related projects and has the expertise and resources to assist organisations to improve their operations through IT hardware, software and services deployment.

For more information on our win-win ICT Solutions see our TSI World brochure