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YourDesktop™ CloudVault™

CloudVault backup

YourDesktop™ CloudVault™ is an online data protection service delivered by TSI World Ltd.  With data backup becoming increasingly important in business, and the financial restraints on IT Services within business increasing, CloudVault™ offers an automated, reliable and real-time cloud-based solution at an exceptional, preferential rate.  Easily set up, CloudVault™ automates 99% of the process allowing for regular, secure backing-up of important business data without hassle or the need for on-site technical expertise.

Businesses across multiple sites also benefit from CloudVault™ as it boosts operational efficiency by reducing the number of backup deployments (such as tape drives or removable media) to maintain, and also by providing central visibility of backup success and/or failures. CloudVault™ will back up from all locations to two centralised UK data centres reducing time, risk and cost.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fully automated – set and forget
  • No hardware to pay for or to go wrong
  • Free telephone support with a TSI World Support Contract
  • 24 hour case logging system
  • All data is encrypted before it leaves the business site
  • Rapid data recovery online
  • Data is mirrored (copied) across two Tier 1 highly secure, UK data centres

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