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In Partnership with Origin Broadband

Have you traditionally procured your broadband internet though rolling over your existing contract and then paying monthly?  At TSI, we have seen this type of procurement can be costly in the log run and not necessarily to the businesses requirements of the current day.  Re-procuring an Internet Provider is a time consuming but critical decision. 

  • We recognise the postcode ‘lottery’ nature of broadband pricing.
  • We recognise that timing for the new lines is critical.
  • We recognise that there is also some technical input required to make sure that you can stay connected.

At TSI, we have designed a service that helps you, as a business, through the mire of switching your broadband supplier. 

How does this work ?

  1. We will provide you with a no obligation benchmark quotation from our broadband partner as a starting point for a procurement process.
  2. This quotation can be compared to your existing provider and also against other suppliers.
  3. TSI will impartially advise your on the best value (not just the best price) to help you select the best supplier for your business.
  4. Once a supplier is selected, TSI will run the process of the Broadband switch including site surveys etc. right through to connection and live date, working directly with the chosen supplier on your behalf.
  5. We will test the new line before acceptance to ensure you can still get all your services as before. 

This is a fixed process with a fixed price of £1250.  TSI World IT Support customers will benefit from this service free of charge.