TSI World Launches School Asset Management solution

13th July 2018

TSI World Launches School Asset Management solution

 School Desktop™ CloudAsset™ – A simple, affordable asset management solution for schools

TSI World is pleased to announce the launch of SchoolDesktop™ CloudAsset™, an asset management service that can track school inventory across multiple locations and rationalise audit processes. It enables administration and finance staff to easily keep on top of ongoing asset checks that are required across schools.

SchoolDesktop™ CloudAsset™ has been created to make it easy as possible to account for the IT assets and Inventory of schools, academies or colleges.

Laptops, desktops, iPads and Chromebooks can all be managed easily and efficiently making day-to-day tracking, loaning, editing, updating locations, and auditing simple going forward. In addition, components such as memory, graphics cards, keyboards and web cams can also be tracked in the asset register. The system can even manage paper for printers and ink cartridges so at any given time you are able to view current stocks and better plan for ordering new quantities.

Furthmore, SchoolDesktop™ CloudAsset™ can be used to manage furniture and other non-ICT assets to give the school a full inventory of assets

Having a comprehensive overview of IT assets and inventory also allows the easy identification of any asset which has been misappropriated.

Reports for governors, local authorities and other bodies can be created quickly and easily (such as disposal reports) saving time and money.

SchoolDesktop™ CloudAsset™ has a simple licencing model and ALL versions have UNLIMITED user licences.

1 FE Primary School / Small school – £150 per year

2 FE Primary School – £300 per year

3 FE Primary School – £450 per year

Secondary School / Large school – £600 per year

In addition to the software solution TSI World can come onsite to undertake a full asset inventory audit to ensure data stored in the system is accurate. Labels and bar codes can be added to devices for easier ongoing management.  Users of the software can then keep the asset inventory by adding any changes that occur throughout day to day school activities. Please contact us for information on cost for the inventory audit



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