TSI World becomes UK distributor and EU support partner for EdSmart

17th July 2018

TSI World has signed an agreement to become the EU support partner for EdSmart, a cloud-based administration and relationship management system for schools. TSI World will also become a UK based reseller of the system.

EdSmart, an award winning Australian company, offers its product as a series of modules, so schools only need to adopt the modules that fit with their particular requirements. The EdSmart School Organisation System (SOS) digitises any manual process or paper-based school administration task. It includes broadcast capabilities so email and SMS messages can be sent to both students and parents.

The Suite of Modules includes:

Broadcast Module One-way messaging to parents and students via SMS and Email. Alerts can be sent to your parent and student body in seconds.

Parent Slips Module Two-way messaging that requires responses from parents via the EdSmart SOS. There is no limit to the number or types of forms and workflows you can create.

Student Slips Module Distribution of messages or slips for the decisions and processes that involve your students. Parents/staff can be kept in the loop through our cc function.

Absentee Slips Module Automatic creation and distribution of online forms to parents of absent students each morning. The returned Absentee Slips are then available within a student’s record, just like all other EdSmart SOS forms.

Activity Care Module A more organised and clear display of medical, health and care information for students. This module also includes a suite of associated features, such as attendance recording.

Internal School Forms Module Automated forms and workflows for administrative processes to reduce non- teaching tasks. Forms can be initiated by staff, parents or even prospective parents.

Metrics and Data Analytics Module Empower better decision-making and strategy through established metrics and quality data collection.

School Interviews Module An easy yet powerful tool to schedule Parent Teacher Interviews using our best-fit auto-scheduling on a parent’s phone or laptop. No manual uploads or data handling.

To supplement the modules a set of online forms is available for both staff and parents, these include: Parent Self Service Form for Medical details, Photocopying Requirements, Resources Booking form, Incident Form, Staff Curriculum & Duties Cover Form, Permission Forms, Risk Assessment Form and Staff Resources Booking Form.

TSI World will be marketing and reselling the suite of modules to UK schools under their SchoolDesktop™ suite calling it SchoolDesktop™ EdSmart™.

In addition to reselling the software TSI World will be undertaking first and second line support services for all existing customers in both the UK and the rest of Europe.

Graeme Bower, UK Managing Director commented:  “We are delighted to add EdSmart to our portfolio of value added services and solutions for schools and colleges.  This is such a high quality solution and strongly believe that it will significantly assist our education customers in their day to day operations.  TSI World continues to forge amazing partnerships with like-minded EdTech companies to enhance and expand the SchoolDesktop™ suite of products and services.

Fiona Boyd, Co-Founder & CEO of EdSmart commented “We’re thrilled to partner with TSI to deliver EdSmart to schools across the EU. “Customer centricity and integrity are core to our business. TSI shares this emphasis, and has the track record and best-of-breed capability we look for in a partner.“EdSmart has become the smart choice for smart schools, and we look forward to welcoming new members to our global customer community.”

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