TSI World releases new version of its VOIP Telephone system for schools

23rd May 2018

TSI World is pleased to announce the release of SchoolDesktop™ CloudCall™ version 2. This is the latest version of TSI’s Voice over IP (VOIP) telephony system for schools.

We have been able to save a number of schools significant amounts of money on their existing telephony with CloudCall™ Version 1. Still incorporating all these benefits as well as a number of technical benefits (such as hosted telephone switch, VOIP and the use of the latest SIP Trunk telephone lines), CloudCall™ Version 2 additionally brings further benefits and savings particularly in call charges.

TSI World are now able to act as a ‘line provider’ and bill directly for line rental and call charges (rather than running an account with a 3rd party). This allows us to bring some reductions in call charges but also we can now ‘bill by the second’ with no minimum call charge. This means that if you only have a 1 second phone call, you only pay for one second. Truly pay for what you use!

Added to these savings we are still able to bring significant savings on replacement telephone switches and line rental in most cases. We are very confident we can save the majority of our customer’s money on their ongoing telephony costs.

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