CloudVault V3

2nd March 2018

TSI announces the new release of its cloud based storage system CloudVault™ version 3. The new version is GDPR ready with full AES 256 encryption. All data transferred is broken up into file ‘parts’ and renamed with unrecognizable names, thus making your data as secure as possible. Security of data is vital to our education and commercial customers which is why we have taken these steps to upgrade the service in line with the updated legislation.

CloudVault™ is an online backup service delivered by TSI World Ltd. With data backup becoming increasingly important in business, and the financial restraints on IT Services increasing, CloudVault™ offers an automated, reliable and real-time cloud-based backup solution at an exceptional, preferential rate. Easily set up, CloudVault™ automates 99% of the process allowing for regular, secure backing-up of critical and important business data without hassle or the need for on-site technical expertise.

Furthermore, CloudVault™ ‘ticks all the boxes’ of secure data backup as it offers ‘real time and daily backing up off-site of the critical business data’.

Businesses across multiple sites also benefit from CloudVault™ as it boosts operational efficiency by reducing the number of backup deployments (such as tape drives or removable media) to maintain, and also by providing central visibility of backup success and/or failures. CloudVault™ will back up from all locations to two centralised UK data centres reducing time, risk and cost.

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