TSI World launches major add on to its ThreatProtection offering for commercial business organisations

10th January 2018

In addition to the Webroot Secure Anywhere for ThreatProtection (Anti-virus) solution for Schools and businesses, TSI is now able to offer the Webroot Security Awareness suite and training as part of its threat protection offering. This is going to be critical to GDPR which comes into force in May.
Today’s cybercriminals target users to infiltrate your networks. They are experts at using phishing, watering hole, and other social engineering attacks to trick end users and abuse their trust.
End users is an organisations’ first line of defence. Unfortunately, they can also be the weakest cybersecurity link. As the number of attack strategies that take advantage of them grows, addressing security awareness weak points is now crucial to reduce the impact of malware, ransomware, and other compromises.
Webroot® Security Awareness Training offers comprehensive cybersecurity education. Training consists of simple, easy to-run courses and campaigns that minimise user-generated risks and help reduce infection rates, thereby driving down remediation costs.

The Webroot Difference
Webroot has direct visibility into the latest threats facing users around the world, and their global machine learning threat intelligence approach ensures that all Webroot-protected devices are secured in real time. Their threat intelligence also allows them to proactively produce security awareness training that is always relevant, topical, and tailored to the real-world threats our customers’ users encounter.

Webroot Security Awareness Training is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering and is integrated into their existing web-based Global Site Manager (GSM). This has two major benefits: it makes Security Awareness Training extremely easy to deploy, use, and manage; and allows administrators to access and manage a variety of Webroot protection solutions in one convenient cloud-based location.
Security Awareness Training provides an easy five-step setup wizard to guide you through the entire process of creating a training campaign. In just a few minutes, you can name your campaign, select desired recipients, create/select a training email template, choose the training module, and launch. Whether you need to run a compliance program, phishing simulations, or continuous user education to reduce infection rates, our integrated training makes running a fully accountable and continuous security awareness programs simple and straightforward.

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