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Last week I attended the BETT show for the full 4 days.  TSI exhibited at the show for the first time with the support of central government. At the show I saw 3 things:

  1. Some real innovation and, frankly, some pretty cool classroom technology
  2. A lot of old technology, re-badged. ‘same stuff from the same people’
  3. A lot of interest in British technology from foreign schools and buyers.

All that being said, there was almost no focus on TSI’s core competency, ICT Support.  Without the support services to make the core (“boring”) bits work, the ‘cool’ stuff cannot operate.  Yet none of the suppliers and exhibitors seemed to want to push this aspect of the school requirement for ICT.


In the world of shrinking budgets, greater reliance on core ICT, and the expansion of the Computing Curriculum, there has never been are more important time to focus on ‘making IT work’.  On the second day of the exhibition we changed our exhibition space.  We removed all the ‘flashy’ marketing, we removed the carefully prepared presentation materials and we moved a TV screen to the front of the stand projecting one simple message in black text on a white background:




To describe the reaction simply, the flood gates opened.  We were somewhat overawed at the response to this change. We had visitor after visitor asking how we ‘make I.T.’ work.  Our unique methods of delivering support, being able to resolve over 90% of support issues remotely, and our carefully created pricing model met with universal approval from all we met.


Making use of what a school already has, making it work, then making it fit for purpose and driving service excellence, all within the most challenging budgets is simply what TSI do, day in, day out. There is a massive need for this kind of ICT support with almost no one willing to fulfil the need within the budget.


Suffice it to say, TSI World are ready, willing and able to fulfil school ICT Support needs within budget.  Just contact us to discuss

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